There will be no further performances
by any configuration under the name of THE=EQUATION.
The=Equation has ceaced as an operational unit
officially as of October 30, 2009, since it's original
conception -circa late 1998, early 1999.
The last proper live performance by The=Equation was on
April 30, 2009, Public Assembly Performace Space, Brooklyn. (pictured above)

There was one last show played by The=Equation on June 12, 2009
at Lit Lounge, East Village Manhattan, but Andrew of Gimmick 3
had to sit in on bass for Roland who had to miss the show at the
last minute.

Performances of current projects involving members of the former The=Equation
could be posted here in the future.

More information about The Equation's music
& mischief in: UPDATES.


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updated on 11.19.09.
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