1999 - The=Equation - 2009

[JUNE 12, 2009.]

This show actually happened.
The date however fell on the day of Roland's
brother's Graduation, so rather than forfiet
the gig, Andrew of Gimmick 3 spent the week
learning/practicing Roland's bass parts and
played the set in his absence!
There is video footage of this somewhere....

[APRIL 30, 2009.]

THE=EQUATION rocked a killer set at
the Public Assembly, Brooklyn as part of
The Revenge Of The Circus Of The Shattered Monkey.
Joining forces once again with the Van Vleet
of The Monkey, when The Circus landed in town,
THE=EQUATION hopped on and delighted the festival crowd!

Thursday April 30, 2009
Public Assembly setlist
Church Walk
The Organ Donor Escape Plan
Saint Augustine
Stricktly Crickets

[MARCH 20, 2009.]

Hot night performance at the Lit Lounge
opening for Gimmick 3!!
Opening a round of THE=EQUATION 2009 Spring/Summer performances.
also, Mike Venezia has left the building.

[OCT 30, 2008.]

Two of The=Equation's recently recorded songs have
been used in two new short films entered in to the
2008 National Film Challenge by Cup O Meat Productions.

After using an Equation song four years ago in an
award winning short film, the band has once again been
asked to submit music for a current project to be submitted
to The 2008 National Film Challenge.

In a whirlwind of weekend filming, two short films have
emerged from Cup O Meat and a song from The=Equation
appears in each.
Portions of "June" & "Impatient" have been used in "Bluur" & "B.V.R".
The songs are placed in pivital scenes in each film.
You can see each of them here.

Cup O Meat used a portion of "The Transparent Cube" in thier
short film "Glee"
for the 2004 NYC 48-Hour Film Project which won two awards and
can also be viewed on their website.

[SEPT 17, 2008.]

Mike Venezia performed an electronic set as BAYE
backed by THE=EQUATION
at REHAB on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

The set consisted of electronic music written by Mike both
prior to this performance and during it. The rest of The=Equation
widened the spectrum of Baye's tasty offerings by augmenting the
already thick sound with Roland's Bass/&Effects and Jonathan's Guitar.
Chris played percussion instruments for the entire set including an
effects processed conga drum. Don passed back and forth between
drum kit and stand-up percussion.

9.17.08 V I D E O C L I P S:




You can also see and hear clips from
the June Brooklyn BAYE solo peformance

[July. 10. 08.]

This is a compilation of video clips taken in 2003
when The=Equation had to unexpectedly pack it up and
leave the rehearsal studio we had been in for the past
three years. On the day of the move Chris found a large
room for a good price in Greenpoint...

The video, CREATING AMPATRON opens on the
last days at the old studio, and goes right to the first day
in the new space (showing a window & skylight that
eventually had to get covered up for sound proofing).
Also in this video, an early rehersal in the empty room
featuring then sometimes member "violent" Mike Q,
setting up Ampatron & it's first light tests,
as well as the first song of the first set of the first
Ampatron show, Sept 2003.


There are also other video clips
of other bands' performances at Ampatron:
(on homepage click on "PAST EVENTS")

[June. 25. 08.]

At least in Greenpoint.

It seems that The=Equation can't keep up with
the ever developing Greenpoint situation and a
the loss of our lease has put a close to Ampatron's
5 year run as the bands' trusty
Out by July 1, 2008.

[MAY. 25. 08.]

set at the HULL Party in Long Island City.

Asked only a week in advance to open for Hull
as they party away their last days in their old
studio-with-a-veiw, The=Equation put together a
blistering set of new compositions and improvised peices.

Three new songs developed in the studio during this past
year's sessions and likely to show up on the fourthcoming
album were performed live for the first time.
Two thundering improvised pieses were played with the much welcomed
addition of The Professor Delorme on third guitar.

Unfourtunately absent from the ensamble was keyboardist
Mike whom had already been scheduled to be in
Folrida that weekend.

There are video clips available on THE=EQUATION+Myspace and although much of the footage
is obscured by the audience, nothing would be able to obstruct THE=EQUATION's
mighty sounds!

[FEB. 26. 08.]

Happy Birthday Mike Venezia!
The=Equation's Mad Mad Mad Scientist celebrated at a local hang out near Ampatron
and did some hanging out.

[FEB. 07. 08.]

Christopher Rini hosted the opening of his first Manhattan instalation,
a showing of his recent works, One Hundred Paintings

at Art Bar, 52 8th Ave (2 blocks south of 14th St).

Many guests arrived throuout the evening, family members,
members of The=Equation, Sad Little Stars,
Krazy Tayl, Cluckatron, C. Chelemi,
Swamis of the Inegral Yoga Institute, and more!

For more, be sure to explore: One Hundred Paintings