Naked Ear Productions presents:

"My Opinion Doesn't Matter"

-side one-

"Big Bang" (2:06)

Mister Robot (4:07)

The Want To Live (3:33)

Holding On To The Light(3:11)

On The Downside (5:11)

Trying (4:18)

-side two-

Founded In Freedom (4:10)

It's OK(3:13)

I Could Never Have Imagined (3:13)

Way Too Slow (5:20)

I Hate Everything (5:07)

In Summary (0:32)

/produced/created/recorded/mixed/Oct2017-Oct2018/ChewyStudioMissionControl/Bkln NY/

mR rOboT lyrics by DeYoung.

A Naked Ear Production/Chewymusic 2018.

a l s o a v a i l a b l e i n dElUxE fOrM :
"My Opinion Doesn't Matter" [DELUXE EDITION]

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