Naked Ear Productions presents:


Another Setting Sun (2:27)

TTI (1:54)

"Crazy Shit" (3:37)

Secret Thrills (4:49)

Unexpected Seperations (13:54)

One Way To Look At It (1:26)

Cycle (5:16)

Psychle (6:10)

Fake Further (3:22)

Always Reliving The Past (2:59)

Good Mourning (9:46)

)produced%recorded^mixed# .at &chewystudio *in +brooklyn
^from %Summer )to Winter# .2016.

On "Crazy Shit" ---> co-produced, verse lyrics, & lead vocal by Aphrodyte Harris.
Lead vocal recorded on "BMO" by Aphro at Pyra's House.
On "Always Reliving The Past" ---> initial drum track recorded & mixed at New England Sound
March 1987 by Trent.
S p e c i a l t h a n k s ::: Sven Johnson for the use of the bass guitar
which ended up on some of the places in this album.

This album recorded with Jamelia.

A Naked Ear Production/Chewymusic 2016.

© 2016 Chewy Music and Naked Ear Productions.
All Rights Reserved.