Naked Ear Productions presents:

"Letting Go Of Holding On"

"Fresh Tape!" (2:40)

One For The Love Of Summer! (4:20)

Commence With The Naked Dance! (7:10)

Don't Turn It Off! (6:23)

In The 5 Spot! (6:41)

Letting Go Of Holding On! (8:38)

It Feels Good! (7:56)

I Love Onions!(1:48)

Space Age! (6:52)

Eventually (1:15)

Full album stream: H E R E (duration: 53:51)

|-produced-|-created-|-recorded-|-mixed-|-at chewystudio-|-brooklyn-NY-|

|-Don't Turn It Off!-|-incudes spoken of-|Sevy/Sarge/Patsy/Donald-|-circa74-|
|-Spage Age!-|-contributors include-|-Alexander/Glushko/Rini/King/Harris-|

A Naked Ear Production/Chewymusic 2017.

"Letting Go Of Holding On"

"Don't Turn It Off!"

"Commence With The Naked Dance!"

"It Feels Good!"

"One For The Love Of Summer!"

"Letting Go Of Holding On!/Space Age!"

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