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Tripod (edit version -5:11)

Yellow Squash (short version -2:08)

Thing 3 (single edit -3:07)

Keysmo Cruise (short version -3:10)

Crab Rangoon (3:14)

Godzilla The Cat (short version -4:14)

Ten O'clock Shadow (4:21)

OPITU (edit cut -2:14)

"Crazy Shit" (3:38)

Fake Further (single edit -3:05)

Don't Turn It Off! (single edit -2:56)

Commence With The Naked Dance! (remixed single version -4:00)

One For The Love Of Summer! (summer single edit -3:22)

Letting Go Of Holding On! (single edit version -4:06)

Scorcher (single edit -3:45)

Full album stream: H E R E (duration: 53:31)

A Naked Ear Production
Singles from 2008-2018

Front & back cover photographs by Alessandro 2019. Inside photograph 2009.

Information on original individual singles: H E R E

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