Naked Ear Productions presents:

" V Y D O X I R Y "

:side one:

in my own lifetime (1:24)

Our Place In The Universe (3:32)

/Through/Transition (3:37)

Getting Lazy(5:48)

I Am. Somebody(2:40) *

Little Pink Socks (10:57)

:side two:


...unknown (16:17) ^

frontcover/aphrokitty backcover/chalkart/garvey saturn/cassini IAmSombody/isfor/charlie.

*"I Am Somebody" by/william holmes borders recording/jessejackson/SesameStreet/used here.
^ dialoge/"The Dark Tower 1/The Gunslinger"/Stephen King/read by George Guidall/recorded by Pengun Audio/used here.

full album streams available here:

A Naked Ear Production/Chewymusic 2016.


"Our Place In The Universe" -single-
includes/non-album b-side/+/extendedremix

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